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Bunte Stapel der alten Bücher

Time to bookbind!

Welcome to Cami Press!

Discover handcrafted books created with meticulous attention to detail and traditional bookbinding techniques. Each book is a unique work of art that reflects your personal preferences and style. Explore the variety of high-quality materials, customized designs, and exquisite craftsmanship. Be inspired by the beauty and durability of my handbound books. Contact me to obtain a unique book tailored to your desires.

My name is Jasmin, and I am a self-taught bookbinder from Landshut, Germany.

Ever since my childhood, I have had a deep love for books.

During the pandemic, I discovered the art of bookbinding and have since been continuously developing my skills.

I had the privilege of learning from talented bookbinders, even during a stay in Athens. With great dedication and passion, I devote myself to the craft of bookbinding. My goal is to create unique and aesthetically appealing books that are also functional.

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My services


Handbound books

Whether it's a notebook, sketchbook, reading journal, or novel - I offer a variety of options to help you create your own dream book.



Do you have a book that deserves a little love or would you like to turn your favorite book into your own special edition? Let's make your book unique!



Have you written your own book and now want to format it for publication? 

I'm happy to help!

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